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Pasteli Celebration in Chora

On 18th of August we have the “sweet” Pastelli Celebration in Chora Pasteli is a famous sweet made of sesame seeds and honey. The Amorgian version wants it softer and “reinforced” with a small dose of cumin. In a large pot honey is warmed with a little bit of sugar. When it start boiling they […]

History of Amorgos

Settlement began on Amorgos in the late 5th millennium BC at the hill-top of Minoa where obsidian from Milos and Late Neolithic clay vessels have been found. The 3rd millennium BC marks the island’s first apogee, when it was an important centre of the Cydadie culture which flourished contemporaneously on Naxos and in the islands […]

Romantic Gramvousa Island

Gramvousa is one of the two deserted islands of Amorgos, located on the southernmost part of Amorgos just across from the beach of Kalotaritissa. There are two nice main beaches and several small beaches on the island, skippers also like this place, it is well protected from wind and rough sea, a good snorkeling and […]

The Big Blue

Amorgos was scene to Luc Besson’s cult movie “The Big Blue” – at Liveros Bay there is still the shipwreck of Olympia, which attracted the film director. The Big Blue (French: Le Grand Bleu) is a 1988 English-language film made by French director Luc Besson. The film stars Jean-Marc Barr, Rosanna Arquette, Jean Reno and […]

Scuba Diving on Amorgos

Located in the heart of the Cyclades on the remote island of Amorgos, you will find our dive centre offering you the possibility to explore the crystal clear wonders of the “Big Blue”. Amorgos scuba diving centre was established in 2007, offering you fresh new dive equipment and state – of- the air fill station […]