Pasteli Celebration in Chora

On 18th of August we have the “sweet” Pastelli Celebration in Chora

Pasteli is a famous sweet made of sesame seeds and honey. The Amorgian version wants it softer and “reinforced” with a small dose of cumin.

In a large pot honey is warmed with a little bit of sugar. When it start boiling they add the sesame seeds stirring continuously and continue to cook while stirring to mix completely and thoroughly. When the seeds are fully mixed in and the mixture has boiled again, they remove the mixture from the heat pour it on a wooden table rubbed with red wine.

Using wooden sticks it is formed in a flat rectangle, then it is sprinkled with cumin seeds.

After it is let to cool for a while, cut into diamond shaped pieces, put on lemon tree leaf and shared to the crowd.

pasteli amorgian

t is served on a lemon-tree leaf which enhances its distinctive taste. The last few years, “Simonidis”, the Cultural Asssociation of Chora organizes the “Pasteli Festival”
This festival takes place in Chora where traditional craftsmen with their assistants show the production of pastelis, which are then distributed to the visitors.

During the preparation, but also all night long, local music is played, followed by a feast with raki and dances till dawn..

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