The Big Blue

Amorgos was scene to Luc Besson’s cult movie “The Big Blue” – at Liveros Bay there is still the shipwreck of Olympia, which attracted the film director. The Big Blue (French: Le Grand Bleu) is a 1988 English-language film made by French director Luc Besson. The film stars Jean-Marc Barr, Rosanna Arquette, Jean Reno and depicts a fictionalized account of the sporting rivalry between two famed free divers. You should watch this movie before you go to Amorgos or watch it therea at the Le Grand Bleu Cafe in Xilokeratidhi – Katapola.

the big blue

The film charts the competition and friendship of real-life champions Jacques Mayol (played by Barr) and Enzo Maiorca (renamed in the film to “Enzo Molinari”, and played by Reno). However the divers were not close in age in real life and did not compete. The action is divided into two timelines – the nascent rivalry between the two divers as children, and (as adults) their final competition at the world free-diving championships at the Sicilian town of Taormina. Mayol’s search for love, family, “wholeness” and the meaning of life and death is a strong undercurrent of the latter timeline.

BackgroundLe Grand Bleu was released in France on May 11 1988 and in the United States August 22 1988. It was released in the United States under the name The Big Blue. Luc Besson was initially unsure of who to cast in the main role of Jacques Mayol. He initially offered the role to Christopher Lambert and Mickey Rourke and even considered himself for the role until someone suggested Jean-Marc Barr. Besson has a cameo appearance as one of the divers in the film. Le Grand Bleu was the most financially successful French film of the 1980’s gaining 9,193,873 admissions in France alone and played in French theaters for a year. The film was also a modest Box Office hit in the States grossing $3,580,882.

Scuba Diving on Amorgos

Located in the heart of the Cyclades on the remote island of Amorgos, you will find our dive centre offering you the possibility to explore the crystal clear wonders of the “Big Blue”. Amorgos scuba diving centre was established in 2007, offering you fresh new dive equipment and state – of- the air fill station ensuring the highest quality breathing air. We are both a PADI and ANDI dive centre, bringing you all levels or recognized dive education from novice to professional. We also offer a number of activities such as underwater photography, peak performance buoyancy, night diving and many more…

Scuba Diving on Amorgos

Additionally, we can also help you organize your accommodation, transfers to the island and create programs for your activities, depending on your requirements. For us, the exploration of the underwater worlds is a way of life, an opportunity to become a part of nature and interact with it, with admiration and respect. Each of our divers is the essence of our success and that of environmental preservation through education and understanding, which is why we aim to fulfill each of your desires and provide for all of your necessities.

Scuba Diving on Amorgos

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